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Interim settlement 2023
An agreement was finally reached after a few days of strike, and the figures were:

Limit: 5.2% divided into 2.1% central supplement, 1.4% overhang (already received) and 1.7% salary slippage for local negotiations. This means in kroner:
  • Central supplement for all (2.1%): NOK 7.50
  • The overhang (1.4%) is a calculation of the % increased annual salary in 2023 after the salary settlement in 2022 (January through March, including what was given in local negotiations in 2022 (the salary slippage))
  • Wage slippage 1.7% set aside for local negotiations: NOK 6.07.
The calculation of the figures is simple, since we know that NOK 7.50 is 2.1%.
  • Then it becomes 7.50∕2.1*1.7= 6.07142857 rounded to NOK. 6.07 in salary slippage (local negotiations).
  • If we do the same calculation on the overhang, it has resulted in NOK. 5 per hour (already received in the 2022 salary settlement).
Riksmekler's meeting book can be downloaded (in norwegian) HERE
It also shows a list of which collective agreements receive the low salary supplement of NOK. 3.00, supplement for normal wage agreements NOK 1.00 and agreements that receive both, i.e. NOK. 4.00.

It is worth noting that the bus industry agreement (normal salary agreement) is not on the lists for low salary supplements and thus receives NOK. 8.50. per hour in salary supplement. They also do not have
local negotiations rights and therefore cannot demand up to NOK. 6.07, such as the minimum wage agreements.

But in 2022 there was a notice that scheduled bus drivers should have NOK 4.50. in addition to the interim settlement if the sum remained within +/- 0.5% of the limit. After negotiations on 24/04/2023, NHO agreed that the discrepancy was so small that the bus drivers received the supplement of NOK. 4.50, agreed in the tariff negotiations in 2022. This means in practice: NOK 7.50 + NOK. 1.00 + NOK. 4.50 = NOK. 13.00.

All sums are calculated for a 37.5-hour week


The Norwegian Transport Workers' Union (NTF) was a trade union established on April 2, 1896 and closed down on May 31, 2019. NTF was Norway's largest trade union in logistics and transport. The main areas of association were drivers and workshop / maintenance personnel in bus companies, warehousing / terminal workers and drivers in the freight and wholesale industry, newspaper carriers in newspaper companies, taxi drivers, employees in environmental companies (renovation and recycling), freight drivers (long and short haulage of goods) and dockers in the ports.

The union had over 20,000 members spread across 16 unions across the country.

The union's main administration, located in Oslo, consisted of nine union representatives and nine employees. NTF joined the National Organization in Norway in 1907. The union was a member of the International Transport Workers' Federation. the last federal leader was Lars Morten Johnsen.

On May 8, 2019, one extraordinary national meeting resolved that NTF be closed down and merged with Fellesforbundet (The United Federation of Trade Unions)

Østfold Transport Workers' Association (ØTF) was founded on May 7, 1999 as a merger of the city associations in Østfold. This was done to make it a strong association with a 100% free-bought association leader in Østfold. The association has since organized most of the transport workers in Østfold, except those employed at the Port. These have been organized in the Forening 100 Havn.

Since May 8, 2019, it was decided that NTF should join Fellesforbundet, so all the old transport workers' associations had to change their names and numbers. Some could keep their old number.

On 1 January 2020, Østfold ceased to exist and we became Viken. A merger of Akershus, Buskerud and Østfold.

ØTF was not among those who could keep the old number and our county was gone, so then we simply and neatly changed our name to FELLESFORBUNDET AVDELING 22 VIKEN. We are still located at Astrids Gate 34 in Sarpsborg with entrance from Sverres Gate.


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